Ingredients for margarine

Vegetable fats:

Fat blends composed of hard and soft fractions for the production of spreadable margarine, pastry and puff pastry margarines.

  • Confor-T8 (S&W) et Tr4: for production of spreadable margarine for everyday use
  • Confor-HH2: special dietary margarine with low trans
  • Confor-PA5 et PA7: blends for food preparations, margarines and butter-blends
  • Meyda-6 et 4: for general use margarines
  • Perfecto-4S: for spreadable margarine in tubs
  • COR-G11, COR-G12: special margarines for high quality smen
  • Combi-CK9 et K1/K2: for bakery and pastry margarines
  • Confor-T88i et T76i: special non hydrogenated fats
  • Combi-F5F et F4Cr: for puff pastry and croissant margarines


  • Butter
  • Traditional butter
  • Smen
  • Ghee
  • Croissant


For spreadable margarine, pastry and puff pastry margarines